The Survivor's Guide To Losing: When Christianity Doesn't Feel Like Winning

The Survivor's Guide to Losing: When Christianity Doesn't Feel Like Winning
by Steven Radford
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Why Doesn't Christianity Feel Like Winning? If you are the 1% that never endures the bitter taste of defeat, kudos to you my friend and may the odds ever be in your favor. As for me and the rest of us, it is a recurring theme that is baked into most of our life experiences. One might consider it to be the connective tissue that binds many of us… you will enter your chosen field of battle with high hopes, you will wage war valiantly, and eventually you will succumb to the inevitable. Half of the combatants in every competition will depart disappointed, or in a free-for-all only one will hoist the trophy while all others will be sent home with nothing more than some battle scars and a participant ribbon to show to mommy. So if losing is such a natural and expected outcome in nearly all facets of life, why is it that we find it so difficult to accept? Whether it is an unsatisfactory ending to an epic eight-hour Monopoly match, getting the disappointing email that the job you had hoped for is being awarded to another candidate, or the wordless agony of losing a loved one to the ravages of an incurable disease, the truth is we all face the reality of losing in multiple arenas of life daily. Fortunately, Scripture is filled with lovable losers just like me and anyone who can relate to the feeling of falling just one score away from finally tasting victory. So if you have experienced the pain of losing, take heart, because over the course of this book we will visit numerous separate and severe occasions of loss and reveal God’s long term plan for losing… sometimes it is to restore, other times to replace, and many times it is to protect and save.


















The Survivor's Guide to Losing: When Christianity Doesn't Feel Like Winning Steven Radford












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